How God Makes Everything Work Out for Good in Our Lives

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Does God really work for good in the lives of His children? Is it really a promise we can take count on? See what the Bible says about this Good News Promise. #Faith #Godspromises #Blessings #Romans8

God is always at work in our lives.

I think many imagine God far away, sitting on a throne, looking down on this big blue orb called Earth.

But the Bible tells us that He is as close to us as our next breath.

♥ Fear not, for I am with you. (Isaiah 41:10)
♥ The Lord, your God, is with you wherever you go. (Joshua 1:9)
♥ Nothing can separate us from the love of God in Christ Jesus, our Lord. (Romans 8:39)
♥ God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble. (Psalm 46:1)
♥ You [Lord] go before me and follow me. Psalm 139:5
♥ I [Jesus] am with you always to the very end of the age. (Matthew 28:20)
♥ Now all of us can come to the Father through the same Holy Spirit because of what Christ has done for us. (Ephesians 2:18)

He knows what is going on in us and around us. He loves us and He cares about us. And He is always at work in our lives.

Paul wrote:

And we know that God causes everything to work together for the good of those who love God and are called according to his purpose for them.

Romans 8:28

This doesn’t mean that everything that happens in our lives will be good and pleasant. We live in a fallen world where evil is a reality.

It doesn’t mean it’s true for everyone . . . but for God’s children, for those who love, trust, and obey Him it’s a promise.

I love the phrase “but God…”

Look at just a few of the “but God” verses that tell us about God’s involvement in our lives.

But God knew… (Acts 2:23)
But God heard… (Genesis 21:17)
But God has seen… (Genesis 31:42)
But God is my helper… (Psalm 54:4)
But God protected me… (Acts 26:22)
But God is the strength of my heart… (Psalm 73:26)

Whatever our difficulty, we can always say, “but God!” He can give us everything we need and turn around every difficult circumstance.

He is at work for good in us and around us.

I realized a while ago, the way God had worked through the painful circumstances of rejection to draw me close and grow my faith. My relationship with Him is so much closer today and I honestly don’t know if it would have happened if I had still had those relationships to rely on. I’ve actually started thanking Him for that terrible time.

He can cause everything to work together for good in our lives when we run to Him in faith.

Does God really work for good in the lives of His children? Is it really a promise we can take count on? See what the Bible says about this Good News Promise. #Faith #Godspromises #Blessings #Romans8

A Prayer to Trust God’s Promise that
He will Work for Good in Our Lives

Father, thank you so very much for Your Word . . . Your promises. Sometimes this life is really hard. I’ll admit that it may be caused by my own foolishness or the foolishness of others. And I know the evil enemy of our souls is always taunting and tempting me trying to steal, kill, and destroy my relationships with You. I ask You, Father, please help us. Please help me. Please forgive us. Please forgive me.

You have worked for my good so many times in my life and I have seen You use circumstances in my life or in someone else’s to work for good in the lives of people around us. Thank you! You are good and all You do is good. I thank and praise You for always knowing, hearing, seeing, helping, and protecting us.

Thank you for being the strength of my heart, for holding me close, for knowing my needs, and for hearing me when I pour my heart out to You. You are my Lord and Savior. You keep Your promises. You give me a future filled with hope. I thank and praise You and give you my heart. Amen.

Does God really work for good in the lives of His children? Is it really a promise we can take count on? See what the Bible says about this Good News Promise. #Faith #Godspromises #Blessings #Romans8

You and I have the Good News of God’s unfailing promises.

And because of Jesus, we can carry every burden . . . every painful circumstance to God and ask Him to work it for good and turn it into a blessing in our hearts and minds, and in our lives.

I am praying for you all today. I’m asking God to pour His blessings over you and work for good in your life.

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  1. Abuno Peseyie says:

    Hi Deb.. I earnestly wait for your article every day and this article is what I’m in need to hear right now as I feel God is far away. Have been praying earnestly everyday for a breakthrough and trying to work as hard as I could to achieve but things are not working as plan . If you happen to read this comment I request you to say a word of prayer for me to be strong in the Lord to overcome fear and anxiety. Thank you.

    1. You are so very kind, Peseyie. I am praying for you! I lived with fear and anxiety for so many years. I feel for you! I’m lifting you up and asking God to hold you close and give you strength. God bless you!

  2. Marilyn Laite says:

    When I was ready this article I thought of some times in my life when experiences I couldn’t understand that had left me hurt, angry and in pain. You are right because I too now see what those experiences gifted me with. It was a calling from my Creator, to turn to Him for protection and peace. These experiences built the woman I am today. There have been many curves in the road to redemption but Jesus never gave up on me and I now realize He was always there walking with me and at times carrying me. Thank you Deb for this powerful prayer and insight.

    1. So true, Marilyn. It is helpful to look back at the past and recognize God’s hand and help as we lived through difficult times. He keeps His promise to never leave us or forsake us. Glory. What a loving and gracious God we serve. Blessings!

  3. THANK YOU Deb????????????????????♥️I Really NEEDED TO HEAR this TODAY ❗️❗️❗️ FOR At LEAST aMonth And A HALF ❗️ EVERY Time I Turn On A Christian Network They Endup SAYING in A Sermon THAT DAy/Night The ROMANS 8:28 ♥️Verse, I HAVE NEVER Heard It THIS MANY times in My Life ????, And There Are NO Coincidences in LIFE❗️Our FATHER ????SPEAKS Thru Others and THERE Are SOoo Many OF Us WHO NEED To Hear And Read These GREAT Verses You ARE SHARING ????????????VERY Inspirational ❗️????????????????????????G-d♥️Bless????

    1. Thanks so much for your encouragement, Cheri! I sure do appreciate your kindness. Blessings and hugs!

  4. Hi Deb, timely posting…almost like our Heavenly Father guided your hand as He knew that many of us needed to hear this message. I’m also on a drought. God seems to be far away, silent, and it doesn’t seem to matter how hard I’m looking for Him, He is just out of reach. Frequently lately even lacking the desire and ferver to seek Him through His Word. I read but sometimes my heart is just not honestly in it ????
    I also experienced the teachings of hard times…more often than not due to my own foolish decisions made without His guidance. One of the most recent one was extremely frightful and while I was stumbling through this experience, looking back I realized how miserably I failed Jesus. All my worries and frets were the proof of my complete lack of faith in Him, and in His power or wisdom. Would I have been able to focus on Him instead of my circumstances, the entire experience could have been the greatest testament of my belief and Faith in Him. But as usual, it just became yet another missed opportunity. At least He turned my attention back to Himself and gently started to guide me back toward Him.
    Yes, I needed to hear that He’s not somewhere out there but regardless if I recognize Him or not, He is still part of my life. Hallelujah for His mercies, faithfulness and everlasting love.

    1. It’s so easy to focus on the noisiest things right in front of us. I am prayerfully making an effort to let go of the things I can do nothing about and give them to God in faith. He is so good and gracious . . . I want to set my heart and mind on Him trusting He is always at work even when we can’t see Him. May He be with you and bless you this week!

  5. Hi Deb,

    I love the list of “But God ____” in this article. We are never in the place that He is unreachable. It’s incredible that God would love us that much!

    Peace and grace,

  6. I pray every day for family. I also pray for my son to find his own home, a new job still in the military and a beautiful woman inside and out to be his wife. I have been praying for months now and nothing in any of those areas have happened. 1. House across the street we looked at it and they had to clean it out, yet two months have gone bye and they have not given us bid. His job his super’s thing of things but nothing he can go in. Not one thing has happened. I do believe in God and Jesus, and I continue to pray but nothing has happened in any of the areas. My son will be 30 this year. He graduated just before the pandemic so finding a house wasn’t easy and this one just came across thought it was yet, and now I rather doubt it.

    1. I am blessed by your love for your son, Diney! I’m joining you in prayer for him . . . asking God to guide his future and bless him mightily. God be with you!