3 Ways Your Life Will Change Forever When You Trust Jesus

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Is there a difference between belief and trust? When the Bible tells us to trust Jesus, what does that mean? Let's look at 3 important ways trust changes us.

Have you ever wondered what it really means to trust Jesus?

One of the first verses almost everyone learns is John 3:16

“For this is how God loved the world: He gave His one and only Son, so that everyone who believes in Him will not perish but have eternal life.”

So, let’s start by looking at what it means to believe in Jesus…

  • Does it mean believing that He lived two thousand years ago?
  • Is it believing that He was a great teacher?
  • What about believing that He was the greatest man who ever lived?

In general, the word “believe” is defined as . . . accepting that something is true, genuine, or real.

But what if the belief we’re to have in Jesus is more than just accepting that He lived and that He was a great man and teacher?

There’s a synonym for “believe” that I believe explains it . . . and that word is trust.

Because you and I can believe without trusting but we cannot trust without believing.

Trusting believes in the integrity, ability, or character of a person or thing; it is confidence or reliance.

So, when we trust Jesus we put our confidence in Him, we believe that He is the Son of God and that His Word is the absolute Truth that lasts forever. We rely on His death as the payment for our sins. And the certainty of His resurrection is our assurance that our relationship with God has been restored for all eternity.

Trust changes people. When you and I trust someone or something affects what we do and say.

That’s why . . . when someone puts their trust in Jesus they begin to rely on Him because they know there is nothing they could ever do to make themselves good enough to earn God’s forgiveness. And to thank Him for this “indescribable gift” of grace, they want to glorify Him with what they do and say.

3 Ways Our Lives Change
When We Trust Jesus

Trust permeates followers of Jesus touching every area of their lives.

Not because of who we are or what we do but because…

God surrounds us with His grace and mercy,
fills us with His Spirit,
and increases our ability to trust Him.

Trust defines followers of Jesus affecting what they think and believe.

Years ago, Rev and I wrote our statement of faith. It reads as follows:

I trust that God’s way as it is revealed in the Bible is the best way to live my life,
and I will by His grace seek to honor and obey Him in all things.
I will trust that any and all bad things that happen in my life
can and will be used for my good and His glory.
And with the Spirit’s help, I will trust and follow Him forever and always.

Grant dear Lord that I may honor this vow.
In Jesus’ name. Amen.

Trust changes followers of Jesus as they give themselves in response to His love.

Trusting Jesus gives us the desire to surrender every part of our lives to Him today, tomorrow, and always.

Paul wrote:

My old self has been crucified with Christ. It is no longer I who live, but Christ lives in me. So I live in this earthly body by trusting in the Son of God, who loved me and gave himself for me.

Galatians 2:20

I plead with you to give your bodies to God because of all He has done for you. Let them be a living and holy sacrifice—the kind He will find acceptable. This is truly the way to worship him. Don’t copy the behavior and customs of this world, but let God transform you into a new person by changing the way you think. Then you will learn to know God’s will for you, which is good and pleasing and perfect.

Romans 12:2

And the Book of Hebrews assures us:

These two things cannot change: God cannot lie when He makes a promise, and He cannot lie when He makes an oath. These things encourage us who came to God for safety. They give us strength to hold on to the hope we have been given. We have this hope as an anchor for the soul, sure and strong. It enters behind the curtain in the Most Holy Place in heaven, where Jesus has gone ahead of us and for us. 

Hebrews 6:18–20a (NCV)
Is there a difference between belief and trust? When the Bible tells us to trust Jesus, what does that mean? Let's look at 3 important ways trust changes us.

Let’s pray and ask for the Spirit’s help to trust Jesus completely…

A Prayer to Trust Jesus Every Day Now and Forever

Father, You inspired Solomon to write:

Trust in the Lord with all your heart; do not depend on your own understanding. Seek His will in all you do, and He will show you which path to take. Proverbs 3:5–6

And Isaiah to write:

Lord, we show our trust in you by obeying your laws; our heart’s desire is to glorify your name. Isaiah 26:8

I want that; and yet, I know I fall short of SEEKing and obeying Your will the way You want. I know that Your will is intended to bless and protect us and I want to trust You completely and obey You perfectly . . . please help me.

I believe Jesus died and rose again as a sacrifice for my sins. Please forgive me for my doubts and failures in His name. I believe He is the Way, the Truth, and the Life. By the power of Your Spirit, please help that sink deep into every part of my heart and soul.

I want every part of my life to be permeated and defined by my faith. I want to confidently trust Jesus. I want my heart to be changed because I trust Jesus that I might love You, God, and all the people You allow my life to touch.

Thank you for loving me. Thank you for giving me all that I need to KNOW, TRUST, and LOVE You. Thank you for Jesus, in whose name I pray. Amen.

Is there a difference between belief and trust? When the Bible tells us to trust Jesus, what does that mean? Let's look at 3 important ways trust changes us.

Living by faith means listening to Jesus and choosing to trust Him moment by moment.” ~ Pastor Matt Eachus

Jesus loves us!

We know how dearly God loves us, because He has given us the Holy Spirit to fill our hearts with His love. When we were utterly helpless, Christ came at just the right time and died for us sinners.

Romans 5:5b–6

He gave everything just to show us how much!

May you be blessed as confidently trust and rely on Jesus.

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  1. Kathy Francescon says:

    Trust is the key word for all our relationships, but most especially with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! And what a lovely and strong statement of faith you and Rev have promised! I am praying that you and all those you love will bask in the joy and peace that we can only attain through total and complete TRUST in Our Holy, Heavenly Father! Love you!

    1. Amen, Kathy! I am so thankful we have a completely trustworthy Heavenly Father and a Savior who came and offered Himself to show us His love. God bless you!

  2. Thank you Deb for your beautiful message today! Christmas blessings to you and Rev!

    1. Thank you so much, Eunice! Praying that you, Rex, and your family have a wonderful Christmas and that the year ahead is abundantly blessed!

  3. TRUST…..over and over, wherever I turn, this is the one word that keeps knocking on my heart’s door. I can so relate to everything you wrote Deb. I’m familiar with the mind faith, as I believe….yet have an enormous battle with the Trust. Which is the reason that God so faithfully and patiently keeps turning me back to that one word. In one of Max Lucado’s sermon, he shared an anecdote about a parents who lost one of their daughter during vacation in an accident. Their faith helped them through this difficult time. But the punchline that grabbed my heart was what the father said – FAITH IS A CHOICE! And it’s like a bell rings in my heart whenever I face difficulties – Faith is a Choice. My heart’s desire is the childlike faith. That full confidence that My Heavenly Father is always with me. He may discipline me but He also comforts with His love. His anger never lasting but His mercy follows it. He’s always there to protect, guide and teach. I can share with Him all my thoughts, feelings without any worry that He’d betray my Trust. He’s the one Who lifts up my heart and soul when it’s sorrowful. He shares my joy, and enriches my life. He IS the purpose of my life.
    Oh, how I wish to have a heart that Jesus promised – that’s entroned by Him, that’s focused on Him, that can live completely abondoned to Him and with Him.
    Blessings to you Deb and Rev. Let love, peace and joy surround you.

    1. We are all, with the Spirit’s help, working toward having the heart the Lord wants for us. I am so thankful He is faithful to work in us and around us to make us more like Jesus. We are so very blessed! Thanks for all of your input on post conversations! Blessings, my friend!